What can Motivate Women to Become Entrepreneurs?

Entrepreneurial women all have their reasons for starting their own business. Money, flexibility, control, and more can light the fire in women to dive into the world of entrepreneurship. Some female entrepreneurs shared their motivations below. Keep reading to find out what inspired them.
Alli Hill

Alli Hill

Founder and Director, .

Motivated by Family and Flexibility

My children were my biggest motivational factors. Working from 8:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday, didn't work for me. I was spending too much time away from my kids and had very little energy to be present for them when I wasn't working. I knew these feelings would only get worse once they started school, started playing sports, and started going on field trips, etc.

So, I decided to put my underutilized writing skills to work and created my own work-from-anywhere business. It was the best decision I've ever made and allows me to work part-time hours while earning a full-time income. I have more flexibility over where and when I work and can live life on my own terms.

Clare Gilbey

Clare Gilbey

Founder, .

Fueled by Passion for Innovation

Embarking on my journey as a female entrepreneur, the driving force was never merely profit or recognition. It was the insatiable passion for innovation. I recall a moment during a meditation retreat.

As I delved into chakra healing, I felt a surge of inspiration: Why not bring this ancient wisdom to contemporary life, offering solace to those grappling with modern stresses? Meeting other women entrepreneurs, I've observed a common thread. It's not just about filling a market gap; it's about breathing life into an idea, a concept deeply personal and transformative. For me, it was chakra healing.

For another, it might be sustainable fashion or organic farming. It's this passion to innovate and make a difference that fuels us.

Eleanor B

Eleanor B

Marketing Specialist.

Escaping Domestic Violence

One reason women may be motivated to become an entrepreneur, from personal experience, is to save up enough money to escape domestic violence. At its core, domestic violence is about power and control. Economic dependence on an abusive partner can trap victims in abusive relationships.

When a woman becomes an entrepreneur and can generate her own income, she can break the cycle of economic dependence. This financial independence can empower her to leave a dangerous situation without the fear of not being able to support herself or her children.

It's essential to note that while entrepreneurship can provide a way out for some women in abusive relationships, it's not a guaranteed solution. However, for those who can and choose to take this path, entrepreneurship can be a transformative journey towards safety, autonomy, and empowerment.

Nooran Zafarmand

Nooran Zafarmand

Co-Founder, .

Empowered by Entrepreneurial Control

As a woman entrepreneur, I have found an incredible motivational factor in becoming my own boss. I can use my skills and talents to create something that is solely mine—something that will grow over time into a successful venture. Being an entrepreneur allows you to take complete control of your career.

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